PHP developer for a remote position

3 сентября 2019    30

● Very good spoken and written technical English.
● Great communication.
● Ownership mentality.
● Ability to deliver without constant supervision.
● Proactive approach to solving problems.
● Experience with building and maintaining products.

● PHP (7.x, Symfony).
● React.js.
● GraphQL.
● PostgreSQL, MySQL.
● Debian Linux, Docker.
● Jira, Bitbucket (+ Pipelines), Slack, Google Apps, Runscope, Sentry, New Relic, Weblate.

● Fulltime remote position with extreme flexibility.
● Creative freedom, participation in decision making.
● Small and friendly team: you will be mostly interfacing with our CTO who is a developer himself.
● Plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.
● Hardware / software budget.
● Assistance with relocation to Prague, should you choose so in the future.

● 65% extend​ 3 existing products written in PHP.
○ ...portal for real estate developers’ customers, CRM for commercial leasing, property management CRM

● 25% build a new product​ from the scratch using technologies of your choice.
○ ...leverage the data hiding in the existing ecosystem and build a presentation for them.

● 10% identify and introduce​ new & noteworthy technologies.
○ ...and teach us the cool things you already know.

● Frontend, backend and APIs.
○ may also take on as much devops and analytical work as you feel like.

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