Partnerships Liaison

22 февраля 2019    46
Company: The Bundle Co.

Location: Full-Time Remote
We’re looking for a creative problem solver to join The Bundle Co. team as a Partnerships Liaison. This role is 100% remote and a great opportunity to work within a fast-growing company.


Have you ever heard the expression "It's a win win"? Well, what about "it's a win-win-win"? ;)

Here at The Bundle Co. we search the internet high and low to gather a series of courses and ebooks taught by talented professionals and authors. Then, we tie them all up in one perfect bundle and let people buy it at a 96% discount of their usual price... for one week only!

The result? Our clients are happy, the course creators are happy, and our affiliates are happy!


Our Partnerships Liaisons are our most important hires! It is their responsibility to find both course creators and potential affiliates, and close the deal for them to join us either participating with their course or promoting our bundles. 

This individual will also help them out to make the most of the partnership by helping to plan their campaigns and giving them tips on how to sell more. 

Note: this position is for a leader who is ready to take charge and dive in! Along with being a sales ninja and a marketing genius, we are also looking for someone reliable, excellent at communicating, and resourceful!

Finally, know that we are a young company, and as with many young companies, you will wear many hats. 

Qualities we are looking for: 

  • Online marketing expert
  • STRONG writer - really! This person needs to know how to SELL!
  • A savvy researcher - as this person will need to find the most amazing online courses out there, and sadly these tend not to rank the best on Google at all!
  • Detail oriented - this is a MUST!!!
  • Creative, both in terms of marketing ideas and strategies + design wise!
  • Excellent communication skills - after all, we are a virtual team!
  • Computer savvy
  • Social media expertise 
  • FAST learner
  • Hard worker
  • Able to hit ALL the deadlines
  • Extremely strong skills in organization, prioritization, & time management
  • Must possess project management skills 
  • Creativity (you may be prepping posts, social media posts, etc. for our partners)
  • Experience with blogging 
  • EXTREMELY efficient at copy editing - A MUST!
  • Photography/Photoshop skills is a HUGE bonus!!! (This will get you brownie points!!)


  • Building brand recognition
  • Searching amazing online courses
  • Contacting potential partners
  • Closing the deal with these partners
  • Expert project manager (develop strategy, head up, and execute projects)
  • Communicating with the CEO on a daily basis
  • Helping/prepping sales copy and social media posts and graphics for our partners
  • Continuously seeking out new ways to improve existing program

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