Part-time/Full-time Technical Writer for Kubernetes company

10 марта 2020    70
 About US

At Kublr we build a platform that simplifies deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters and cloud-native components in production on any infrastructure. Kublr is used today by the largest organizations in the world and our customer base growths rapidly.  
Job Description 
 You will join our team as a Technical Writer to help us improve and enhance product documentation.   
 Specifically, you will be working with product development team to: 
  •  Create and maintain Kublr product documentation 
  • Write technical blogs and how-to guides on Kublr and Kubernetes features 

Skills and requirements 

  • Ability to explain complex technical matters in a clean and concise way. 
  • Ability to structure and break down information. 
  • Experience in writing technical documentations and/or technical blog posts. 
  • Understanding of Docker and Kubernetes is a plus, but not a requirement. 
Why work with us
  • See the impact of your work on a daily basis 
  • Help businesses around the world to unlock a potential of cloud-native technologies 
  • This is a remote position, no need to go to the office every day 
  • Full-time and Part-time options are available 
If you’re interested, please send us a brief description of your experience or resume and some relevant examples of your work 

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