Part time DevOps with great Kubernetes experience

18 июня 2019    48

— 3+ years of working experience in Linux (Debian);
— Docker, Kubernetes on Digital Ocean
— Blockchain deployment experience (Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, and Bitcoin networks)
— Solid knowledge of TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, netstat, tcpdump, grep, sed, etc.
— MySQL/PostgreSQL configuration/optimization/maintenance/backups/failover;
— Apache, Nginx configuration (SSL, redirects, auth, etc)
— Amazon AWS: Elastic Load Balancer, EC2, RDS
— Bare metal provisioning and automation
— Valid Upwork profile is a must (you’ll need to join our top rated agency on Upwork)

— Spoken Russian or Ukrainian
— Python
— readiness to be part of a SWAT team

— Additional work and earnings to your current occupation
— Challengeable tasks that require creativity and learning
— Hourly rate in the range $20-$30/hr

— Maintain and improve existing CI tools, monitoring, and deployment mostly with the K8s framework
— Maintain, upgrade, modify our Sentry instances
— Participate in decision-making (choice of tools, deployment architecture, etc.);
— Write the technical documentation, deployment instructions, etc
— Orchestrate Docker containers in development and production environments
— Configure AWS resources
— Follow and enforcing security best practices for all of the above
— Identify and resolve infrastructural bugs.
— Drive the success of our systems development advancements, cooperating with the development, and QA teams.

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