.NET Architect

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.NET Architect
As a part of OTTO’s leadership team, you understand high-level business objectives, help decide how best to achieve them, and lead your team to effective execution of the technology.

This is a coding position, and a successful candidate should expect to spend up to half of their time actively developing and providing architectural feedback to the development team. As the team grows, that percentage will shrink accordingly, but you’ll still maintain an active role in the execution and quality of the code.

Equally important to your skillset is your fit within our team. We prioritize communication and teamwork, because we understand these traits are fundamental elements of our speed, our success, and how much we all like our jobs.

Areas of Responsibility
  • Establish a positive working environment for your developers
  • Work as a partner with the product team to organize sprints and schedule development work
  • Collaborate with the rest of the leadership team as well as strategic partners
Day-to-day management of the engineering team:
  • Manage priorities, timelines, quality of code
  • Grow your team by helping them set goals and achieve success
  • Interview potential team members and help make hiring decisions
Product Execution
  • Scope new features, lead the execution against timelines
  • Foster technical initiatives like planning for scale
Process establishment and communication
  • Within the dev team
  • Where your team interacts with the broader company
  • Have a “yes, if” mentality by being flexible with shifting priorities, but knowing when to push back
  • Establish a process to adjust accordingly while limiting the noise for your team
  • Development Tools

Development Tools
  • SQL Server
  • Entity Framework
  • .Net Core
  • Angular
  • JIRA + Confluence
  • Git
  • AWS
  • Postman

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