ML Integration Engineer

29 июля 2020    44

Our mission is to help people understand their data cardinally better. In order to do that we are building a no-compromise platform with the capabilities and performance previously unheard of. Due to a number of technological breakthroughs, it can interactively visualize millions of rows right in the browser, or use functions developed in any programming language. The platform is being used both by casual users with no prior data science experience, and by scientists and engineers extending the platform and grokking data using full power of the platform at hand.

The product is already recognized by our customers, large enterprises with strong quantitative departments. We are at the frontier of applied data science and software technology. With us growing into new fields of science, our demand in passionate data professionals will only increase. 

We are extending Datagrok platform in all directions you may imagine — be it natural language processing, Bayessian statistics, latest deep learning techniques for analysing time series, all kinds of state-of-the-art algorithms in domains like cheminformatics or bioinformatics.

While being very attentive to customers’ needs, we are constantly working towards our main mission — enable everyone on Earth with an essential "go-to" tool for data. We believe our technology helps improve the world, including making scientific discoveries and saving more lives.

There is a great opportunity to join our team today and become a part of this amazing journey.

Job description

As an Integration and Tooling Engineer in ML you will be joining our small and high-performing distributed team of software engineers and data scientists and work together with our customers’ teams. You will focus on Data Science and Machine Learning applications, including efficient data and systems integration. You will be working with on-premise, cloud and mixed environments.

Previous experience with machine learning pipelines and cloud machine learning platforms is a plus, but not a hard requirement. As long as you are an expert and enthusiastic in system and data integration and orchestration, you are a definite fit.

We expect you to be an efficient communicator. Collaborating with team members and customers energises you, you are keen on helping others, having a learning attitude and being a naturally collaborative person who listens and invests in others to achieve common goals.

Along with fluency in English, you possess an attitude to constantly oversee and take care of your “engineering household” and its neighbourhood, maintaining it a well-fit and well-performing part of the product. You have a proactive and self-steering professional approach.

You will:

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams (customers, internal IT teams, etc) to understand business needs, ensure data integrity and flow efficiency, and to create solutions for integrating customers’ data and modules with the Datagrok platform
  • Be part of product development team, build and maintain platform tools related to deployment, integration and monitoring
  • Design, implement, and operate data management systems for intelligence needs
  • Develop clean, high-performance, production code

Do you recognize yourself in this profile?

Our requirements:

  • Strong Python skills
  • Experience writing RESTful web services, OpenAPI / Swagger, data formats, etc.
  • Reasonable experience working with RDBMS, SQL
  • Ability to effectively communicate technical work to a wide audience
  • Ability to work in a cross-functional team including developers at a customer side
  • Flexibility for efficient work in a remote mode. We have meetings in the EDT time zone.

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of JavaScript / Java / C++ / other languages is a big plus
  • Cloud platforms management and best practices (AWS, Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Basic understanding of ML algorithms
  • Can build an “end-to-end software product” which has machine learning component
  • Experience working with one or more of the ML frameworks (, H2O, SageMaker, MLFlow, KubeFlow, MLlib, Azure ML Studio, Torch, Keras, TensorFlow, etc)
  • Experience in implementing production-ready ML models using current ML techniques
  • Experience in web development, including UI and UX
  • Scientific experience, including experience in Natural Sciences

Are you keen to know more or apply?

We are looking forward to getting to know you.

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