Middle/Senior Data Analyst

24 октября 2019    76

— Advanced knowledge of SQL;
— Strong attention to detail
We are looking for a data engineer who is highly motivated and ready to take part in a challenging and ambitious project. The ideal candidate is passionate about football and ready to work in a start-up environment. The successful candidate will demonstrate thorough understanding of current best practices, tooling and frameworks and be able to express clear, well-argued opinions. You will work as a link between our developers and analytics team.

— Knowledge and passion for football;
— Programming skills;
— Foreign passport (regular business trips to London may be required)

— Competitive salary;
— Paid holidays according to Ukrainian legislation;
— Strong team members;
— Interesting tasks (NOT maintenance);
— Influence on decision making;
— You will be exposed to the diversity of tasks and challenges which help you grow as a developer

— Develop, construct, test and maintain architectures;
— Align architecture with business requirements;
— Data acquisition;
— Develop data set processes;
— Make sure new features are tracked and captured correctly in the database;
— Identify ways to improve data reliability, efficiency and quality;
— Deploy analytics programs, machine learning and statistical methods;
— Assist data analysts in scraping external data sources;
— Prepare data for predictive modelling;
— Use data to discover tasks that can be automated;
— Proactively find and fix bugs in the database

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