Middle Software Engineer

15 июля 2021    26

● 4+ years experience programming in Python
● Understanding of SOA, microservices, and event-driven architecture
● Strong knowledge of TDD, Unit, and automated tests paradigms
● Strong skills in SQL and RDBMS solutions
● Experience with containerized applications, Docker, and Kubernetes are appreciated
● Possess a DevOps mindset, AWS experience is a plus
● Experience with an enterprise-grade stack for scalable apps including messaging broker, in-memory storages, NoSQL, and key-value databases is a plus
● Strong knowledge of HTTP stack and REST principles for integration with 3rd-party vendors
● Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or in a closely related discipline

● People: Get an opportunity to work with the top engineering talent in a true Silicon Valley startup
environment: we have Google and Facebook alumni, as well as startup founders in our engineering team.
Our rockstar team is our greatest asset.
● Challenge: We are pioneering the Revenue Intelligence space and transforming how sales
and marketing teams operate. Help us solve the problems no one solved before.
● Opportunity: Join a mid-stage startup and help us bring it to a multi-billion dollar IPO. We move fast and we
offer you an opportunity to accelerate your career with us.
● Compensation: Salary from 4,000 USD/mo as determined by level & qualifications. Stock options. 100%
covered premium medical insurance for you and your family. Unlimited PTO.

Design, implement, test, and maintain features in the following core systems within our platform:
● A scalable, fault-tolerant system for synchronizing tens of billions of sales data records into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.
● A social graph of the world’s sales data, incorporating hundreds of millions of records relations sales, people, companies, and deals to create actionable advice for sales and marketing teams.
● An intelligent system for matching sales activity (e-mails, calendar data, calls) with sales data records from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, incorporating both complex business rules and using Machine Learning to leverage the company’s social graph.
● Our core infrastructure, including areas such as user management, authentication, and authorization within our product.
● Build monitoring and alerting tools to prevent our application from being unavailable; be part of weekly on-call rotations to quickly resolve any infrastructure issues whenever our application becomes unavailable.

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