Middle React Web Engineer

14 ноября 2019    38

— You have a sense of humor
— 2+ years of experience in building Front End solutions
— 2+ years of experience JavaScript
— You have strong fundamentals in Javascript (React), HTML5, and CSS3
— You have a good understanding of state-of-the-art JavaScript libraries and frameworks, such as ReactJS, Redux
— You have a understanding of asynchronous request handling
— You have a partial page updates, and AJAX
— You have a understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them
— You have an experience in writing semantic, valid, cross-browser code
— You have an experience with Git
— You have a knowledge of BEM principles, progressive enhancement, graceful degradation
— You have a proficient understanding of client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks;
— You have a passion for great, responsive web design
— You have demonstrable experience building frontend React components
— You have the ability to try things and iterate very quickly
— You have an eagerness to learn
— You are a persistent/determined work ethic and a willingness to try anything and everything
— You are comfortable balancing personal tastes/preferences with business needs, and always willing to prioritize whatever is needed to move the business forward
— You have the ability to work autonomously, but also know when to ask for help
— You have an eye for design
— You are interested in podcasts, radio, or audio in general
— You work well with cross-functional teams

— Constructing product features and templates from designs
— Developing and maintaining a fast, bug-free, and reusable library of web components written with React
— Working with other team members to run A/B tests and optimize website conversion
— Collaborating directly with other front- and back-end developers
— Ensuring cross-browser and multi-platform compatibility
— Assist marketing and product teams with frontend requests

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