Middle Front-end Developer (React.js)

22 мая 2020    42

— 2,5 years of commercial experience with React.JS
— good knowledge of TypeScrip
— understanding of HTML and CSS
— Write high-performance, reusable code for UI components
— experience with working remotely
— fluent spoken English

— independent and self-motivated
— proven track record of always learning and growing
— proactive attitude
— possess a spirit of generosity

HumanIT team is looking for the frontend developer! If you want to work with interesting and fascinating projects, you can find out more about us below.

We want the interview process not to be stressful neither for you nor for us, that’s why we want to tell you more about our team and make you feel our friendly vibes.

HumanIT is the Kiev-based team of geek-minds, who love to work and fun together. Our mission is to make the best technological solutions to work on the client’s needs.

We are a young team and we absolutely don’t associate ourselves with conventional organizations. Good or bad, it’s up to you)

The main advances in working with us are:
-We work only with foreign clients (Europe and America), so you will gain good expertise with the products on the high-demand markets;
-We develop a system of the knowledge-sharing in our team, so you can gain additional insights and feedbacks on any issue you have;
-We have a flexible schedule, so you can create your own day according to your personal working plan;
-We have zero bureaucracy — almost all day your manager and chief-manager will be opened for any issue you want to talk about.

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