middle C# .NET Developer

4 августа 2019    70

* Candidates will be required to complete a home test before reviewing their CV
• 3+ years of C# .NET programming experience. Preferably with Autocad .Net programming experience
• Bachelor’s Degree or Masters in Computer Science or related field with a strong understanding of programming fundamentals.
• Strong hands-on experience in using mathematical equations to solve code issues.
• Critical problems solving skills.
• Focus on building high performance, stable and maintainable code
• Good written and verbal communication skills (oral and written)
• Should be self-sufficient to work as a programmer
• Must be self-directed, confident, and able to work in a startup environment.

Autocad .Net programming experience

This is an immediate opportunity.
Autocad .Net skills can be learned OJT (On Job Training).
Good opportunity to enter the Autocad .Net programming community.

* Candidates will be required to complete a home test before reviewing their CV
Develop C# module integrated with AutoCAD to automate user tasks and communicate with external resources/APIs for Architect/Engineering departments
• Utilize C# .NET programming language in AutoCAD to customize menus, add custom commands, and develop internal/external add-on programs for AutoCAD.
• Track down and resolve issues, improve stability and performance.

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