Mid Unity Developer

24 июня 2020    30

A perfect candidate shall have a proven record with (or able to learn fast) the following technologies:
— C# / C++, as well as a strong understanding of OOP principles
— DOTS (Unity ECS + Burst)
— Photon Engine
— API integrations on Unity (Facebook SDK, sockets, AWS integration etc.)
— Analytics (heatmaps, event analytics, client-side FPS analytics etc.)
— Native plugins development

Design & optimization skills:
— VFX, Particle Systems
— Lighting models
— Shadows models
— Render Pipeline
— Shader Graph
— Mesh/Materials optimization
— Mesh Skinning
— Animations

— Audio implementation (steps, wind, system sounds)
— UI coding

— To join a fast-growing Ukrainian startup, that has built a multiplayer open-world product less than in 3 months, with no external investment.
— To join a team whose work was mentioned on national TV, as seen here youtu.be/PUzcJsV1GbE
— Flexible WFH policy, as well as flexible hours.
— 18 working days vacation.
— Coffee, music, unusual entertainment in the office.
— Funny and passionate bad-ass team members, both in engineering and business

You will be required to:
— Deliver new features
— Take responsibility for a specific module (such as analytics, user onboarding or another) based both on your preferences and product needs

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