Marketing Assistant

22 августа 2018    52
I'm looking for an up and coming marketer who wants to work with our suite of fast growing E-commerce companies. 

Your role will be working side by side(remotely) with the CEO. Together with the CEO you will work on innovative marketing strategies.

Want to work with FB chatbots and drive sales...? Cool we do that
Want to see how we produce 40% of our revenue from segmented email marketing...? Ya we do that.
Want to help with PR and see how we got featured on
Love working with FB ads? We're pretty good there too! 

Platforms we work with:

  • Klaviyo
  • Privy
  • Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram
  • shopify
  • Manychat
  • are more...

This role will start as a part time gig, but ideally the right candidate will grow into our head of marketing.  We're growing fast and want you to grow along with us. 

So if you're an insanely passionate marketer, looking to join a remote team that's growing like crazy - reach out today. 

Payment & Hours

- Actual billable hours will vary, likely 10hr+ / week to start
- compensation will vary depending on experience ($15 - $25/hr)
- Position is on a contract basis (you bill hours worked, we pay bi-weekly) 

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