Lead Python Developer (Remote)

26 марта 2020    68

— 3+ years of professional experience in a software development role.
— A positive and proactive mindset.
— Very strong programming skills in Python with a deep understanding of Django.
— Experience with Celery.
— Ability to identify, reconcile, and prevent data integrity problems.
— Deep understanding of a modern application (general design patterns & antipatterns, templating & routing, DOM manipulation, RESTful APIs, data storage, security principles).
— Understanding of and experience with microservices architecture.
— Intermediate+ level of English.

— Experience with PostgreSQL.
— Experience with Flask & SQLAlchemy.
— Experience with AWS and similar web services providers.
— Experience in telecommunications.
— 1+ years of experience as a lead software developer of a team.

— Extensive remote work possibilities.
— The company is oriented on specific business niches.
— Opportunity to get more experience with courses, conferences, seminars, masterclasses, and training for the company’s expense.
— We are always ready to hear the employees if they have ideas, and it is welcomed.
— Opportunity to implement your ideas on our internal projects.

— Help architect, develop, and deploy innovative new products and technologies with a small team of developers.
— Scope new features and delegate tasks according to the developers’ strengths.
— Take ownership of the Django API and the quality, usability, and extensibility of the code.
— Enforce quality assurance with tests, code reviews, and properly validate new features.
— Assist in breaking apart the Django API into smaller, more manageable microservices.
— Collaborate with project stakeholders, clients, and team members to ensure timely technical delivery.
— Be a team player in a highly collaborative environment.

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