Lead Product Designer

8 сентября 2018    34
We're a small, distributed startup in a competitive space trying to do the impossible. We're creating a payment platform for ecommerce & SaaS merchants to easily accept cryptocurrencies. We've already built a product that's way ahead of the competition, but now we need key talent to scale.

Job Details.
Our team over at paybear.io is looking for a hands-on lead product designer to be responsible for our presentation to the world. Design is an absolutely critical role for our company.

The role. 
- Hands on, early stage start-up, any task can be thrown your way. 
- Work hand in hand with a team of developers, pushing each other for the best of the product. 
- Open and honest remote working environment, where pushing boundaries and outburst of passion is encouraged in an inclusive manner. We love passion!

Your responsibilities.
- A track record of strong user centered design with some flare. 
- Up to date understanding of best design practices and trends 
- You will be the expert on design, but you must be able to take critical feedback, from anyone in the team. 
- Confidence in yourself and abilities. We don’t want to settle, if something needs improvement, point it out, we will thank you for it. 
- Ability to self-translate feature rich documents and present easy UI 
- Must have experience with Sketch, Prototyping 
- Highly motivated and not afraid of failing.

We are open to contract and by-project roles for this position.



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