Lead 3D Technical Artist

28 октября 2020    32

What we're looking for

NWR Corp is seeking a talented individual who possesses infinite curiosity. You'll partner with our head of product and CTO to develop a strategy and pipeline to create exceptional 3D worlds and other 3D assets for NOWHERE. This is an incredible opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the future of virtual gathering as well as connect the world in a deeper and more exciting way.

What you'll do

  • Partner and collaborate with engineering and product to build the future of 3D world interaction
  • Work on all facets of the 3D pipeline including: modeling, texturing, lighting of 3D scenes to deliver low-Poly 3D models that work on WebXR
  • Be able to iterate on WebXR for the 3D scenes to finalize product and creative requirements
  • Create graphic shaders for awesome visuals
  • Set up and run a streamlined workflow to create and implement 3d worlds for web
  • Implement, debug, and refine 3d worlds on schedule for collaborators, partners, clients
  • Help build the 3D technical art team with interviewing and mentoring 3d world building talent
  • Grow to lead a team creative technologists and provide regular feedback and support


  • Proficiency with a 3D modeling and Sculpting using Maya or Blender or ZBrush equivalent 3D software
  • Proficiency with PBR workflows using texturing software such as Substance Designer
  • At least 3+ years of experience shipping mobile games using game engines like Unity 3D or Unreal
  • Knowledge of optimizing art for low poly count for mobile apps, VR, or WebXR
  • Strong portfolio demonstrating acumen in 3D and realtime concepts (high and low-poly models across various settings)
  • Works well in a team and can collaborate remotely (Slack, Zoom, Notion, etc...) and be self-sufficient
  • Strong aesthetic sensibility: use of color and light, ability to imagine 3D worlds and create them
  • Proven record of shipping features on time and on budget
  • Flexible and focussed on solutions

Plus if you have experience...

  • Creating events for human interaction; experience design, theatre, architecture...
  • With WebXR technologies like three.js, AFrame, PlayCanvas, BabylonJS, AR.js, or similar
  • Building 3D environments for VR
  • Knowledge of Art History, Public Art, Architecture, Sci-Fi


  • Health insurance with 75% premium covered
  • Generous PTO / sick leave
  • Equity


  • We are driven by a desire to advance human connection and believe in cultivating diversity as part of excellence, and seek teammates from all backgrounds
  • As a remote team, we use asynchronous tools and daily reports to stay in the loop
  • We value immediacy, integrity, inclusion, generosity, passionate collaboration, and are building NOWHERE to distribute wealth and power
  • See a few fun links below from the team you'd be joining...

How to Apply

Sounds like a fit for you? Please email jobs@urnowhere.com

  • Include this role's title in your subject line (it'll help us to sort through the emails)
  • Tell us a bit about why you're interested and any relevant experience you have
  • Attach your resume, LinkedIn, project links, pointers to code, and Github.
  • Thank you for your interest!

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