L1 Operations Engineer

15 марта 2019    22

A large Silicon-valley based company is looking for a new L1 Operations Engineer to add to our remote team.
You’ll be in the front line of a large Operations department, taking a newly-arising issue from monitoring
and developers, and either finding a solution yourself, or escalating it to an appropriate group.

Technical skills we’re looking for:
— Basic Linux knowledge. You shouldn’t fear command line — it’s your daily tool. Know how to use bash, grep, find, sed, awk.
— Basic knowledge about HTTP: response codes, using curl.
— Decent knowledge of English — enough to deal with a hosting provider.
— Good if Linux is your desktop/laptop environment (but not necessary)

Personal qualities:
— Responsibility.
— Willingness to learn new things.
— Reliability.
— Ability to work from home without slacking.

Your possible future career:
L2 operations engineer, systems administrator, developer

What we offer:
— Interesting tasks on the edge of technologies;
— The experienced and friendly team;
— Fair compensation;
— Schedule: 40 hours per week. Shifts (morning, day and night shifts)
— You can choose to work remotely from home or from one of our offices: Kiev or Odessa (Ukraine), Zhukovskiy (Moscow, Russia)

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