Java Engineer (Java8)

9 октября 2019    20

Advanced knowledge:
* 4+ years of experience with Java, including 2+ years of Java 8;
* Java Language Specification (JLS) & Java Specification Request (JSR)
* Object-oriented programming and object-oriented design
* Standard algorithms and data structures
* Key Java concepts such as Generics & Collections, Reflection, Lambda, Stream API, I/0 Fundamentals, Exception Handling, Date/Time API

Working knowledge:
* Servlets and Java frameworks such as Spring, Java EE
* Restful/GraphQL and Micro Services
* Web & Application servers such as Jetty, Tomcat, Netty
* JDBC concepts, connection pooling and ORM frameworks such as Hibernate
* SQL / NoSQL concepts
* Unit, Integration and Functional tests using libraries/frameworks such as JUnit, Spock, Mockito
* Version control system (Git), code review tools and issue tracking systems (Jira)
* Standard IDEs such as IntelliJ, Eclipse

Basic knowledge:
* Advanced concepts such as Deadlocks, Caching, Garbage Collection, RxJava, Async Programming, AOP, Performance Tuning, JMX
* Security concepts, Transaction Management, Serialization Protocols, HTTP Protocol
* Design and Enterprise Integration Patterns
* Build tools such as Gradle, Maven
* Linux Shell Scripting

* A team player with excellent communication skills, energy, enthusiasm, and a willingness to work in a fast-paced environment
* Strong written and spoken English

* cloud programming and concepts
* advanced libraries and tools such as RxJava, Camel, Protobuf, Avro
* Integration/Functional/Performance testing (JMeter / Gatling)
* Apache Kafka
* Apache Camel / Spring integration
* Spring Boot
* Reactive Java (RxJava / ProjectReactor)
* Distributed databases (Cassandra)
* Groovy / Kotlin

* Ability to work remote
* Opportunity to get working experience with cutting edge technologies stack
* Working with senior team members
* Competitive salary and yearly bonus
* Medical insurance (after probationary period)
* Fitness benefits (after probationary period)
* Fully paid English courses and the opportunity to improve English skills by regular collaboration with native speakers
* Flexible working arrangements
* Weekly Happy Hours and periodic team activities
* Work in a high-growth, energetic environment is looking for Java Engineer to work on the back end for one of the largest sports brands in the world. The scalability of this project is perhaps the most interesting part. There are hundreds of millions of unique users of people using the product. The products are visible on the web, mobile applications, and TV boxes. The size of the solution, the number of users, and the revenue of the project will provide exposure to problems and technologies not found in your average system.

This position requires a schedule adjusted to PST time-zone.

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