Java, Algorithms, High performance real-time data visualization (Desktop)

25 ноября 2019    40
  • Solid Computer Science fundamentals: Algorithms, Data structures, Concurrency, Performance, etc.
  • Java
  • Goal oriented
  • Intermediate level of written English or better

    Here is our hiring process for this position:
  • First, please send us your solution to this Test Task. The task may require 2-5 hours of your time. If you wish to make it a paid task, you may send us your CV with a cover letter and a corresponding request. We reserve the right not to offer a payment, so please send such requests before doing the task.
  • We will provide a feedback within few days (up to a week)
  • Technical interview
  • Knowledge and interest in modern software and hardware technologies and frameworks
  • Experience in Javascript, Web Services, high performance web applications
  • Basic understanding of UI/UX concepts

    Personal qualities
  • Logical thinker with exceptional problem solving skills
  • Enjoys new and complex challenges
  • Able to find shortcuts and simple solutions for complex tasks
  • Responsible for delivery
  • Working with highly qualified colleagues on interesting projects
  • Opportunity to work in a product company that has already established a strong identity on the market
  • Flexible working hours
  • Working remotely
  • Implement new features for Java-based desktop application, write automatic tests, fix bugs
  • Take part in design and conceptual discussions with other team members
  • Understand high level requirements and their purpose, develop a conceptual solution, and translate it into development tasks
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