IT Talent Searcher (Sourcer)

8 января 2020    32

— Strong research skills [understanding of modern tools for sourcing X-Ray, Boolean search].
— Experience in sourcing and screening relevant profiles on Linkedin outside of your network.
— “Quick-learner” attitude [no one’s gona teach you anything without your desire to learn it].
— Self-motivation [you know how to get things done]
— Excellent organizational and prioritization skills.
— If your English isn’t fluent enough you should be able to write and read emails in English.

— Remote work from home.
— Onboarding [you will learn how to work with the latest tools for sourcing candidates from all of the world, not just from job portals]
— Work with the hottest companies in Europe. [only EU companies, only product and Startups]
— Chat/email/sourcing of the candidates from Google, Facebook, Amazon. [no one in Ukraine can offer the same experience]
— Modern sourcing and recruitment practice. [having experience with us helps you to get a job and relocate to Europe]
— Regular salary review.

— Sourcing candidates through Social Media Platforms on a day-to-day basis. [you’re going to search hundreds of profiles]
— Mapping, sourcing and assessment.
— Maintaining recruitment related reports.
— Work closely with IT Recruiters to coordinate the search and set up recruitment priorities.

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