Infrastructure Reliability Engineer

29 июля 2019    56

# Senior or Intermediate Software Engineer - Microservices

We are looking for a senior or intermediate software engineer with a keen interest and experience with microservices.

Our applications are a bit different than your standard fare. We have native macOS and iOS apps that store data locally on the device and sync that data with our backend systems, which comprises of a myriad of microservices.

You'll be working with those microservices, which are written mostly in Ruby with some legacy ones in Python.

We use tools such as Nomad, Consul, Vault, Docker, Kafka, Postgres, ElasticSearch, NGINX, Jira, Confluence, PagerDuty, GitHub, Travis and a few more.

We have customers throughout the World and continue to grow. You'll help us build new services and tweak and maintain existing services such that our backend systems run reliably, smootly and securely.

**Traits we are looking for:**

- You've built microservices and have had them deployed in production
- You have a very good understanding of SQL and NO-SQL databases (Postgres, ElasticSearch)
- You've worked with *nix operating systems (macOS for development, Ubuntu for production)
- You have a reasonable understanding of how to write secure software (TLS, CVEs etc…)
- You very familiar with Ruby (Sinatra, Rails etc…)
- You have a some working knowledge of Python
- You have a good understanding of GIT/GitHub
- You are familiar with CI/CD tools (Travis, CircleCI, Jenkins etc…)
- You are comfortable working remote and enjoy collaborating with your team virtually (Slack, Zoom, FaceTime…)
- You like to write clean code and think about the craft of software development
- You are curious, seek out knowledge and enjoy learning new things

**Other requirements:**

- You must pass a police background check
- You must be a Canadian, U.S., E.U. or Australian Citizen
- You must be available during our core working hours (10am to 2pm EST), so timezone wise, where you live is a consideration

**About Us**

Marketcircle Inc. is a young, fun and distributed tech company.

We believe in the power of Kaizen (continuous learning), teamwork, creativity, ownership, and empathy. By embodying those core values we know we impact the lives of our customers, and each other.

Our mission is to empower small business worldwide drives us to develop a native macOS and iOS app that helps thousands create organization of what would otherwise be chaos.

Tired of a long commute to work? As long as you have reliable internet, and can work between 10:00AM - 2:00PM EST (core hours), you can work from anywhere!

We expect results, not monkeys sitting in cubes for 10 hours a day! Though we are remote company, our team tries to build social bonds so that we become good friends, share some laughs and occasionally share some good food!

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