Infrastructure Engineer

8 сентября 2021    40

Role description

IVPN is seeking an infrastructure engineer to help us develop and maintain our large server infrastructure. In this role, you will use your knowledge of system and network administration to build reliable, secure and scalable infrastructure for our VPN service. You should have deep expertise in Linux server administration, be able to collaborate with team members, and be a pragmatic problem-solver. In this role you will have primary responsibility for maintaining our customer infrastructure and will report directly to the CTO.


  • Remotely install leased bare-metal servers using automated build tools and scripts.
  • Ensure high availability of our large network of servers (±100). Diagnose and resolve hardware, OS and network issues.
  • Implement controls to detect and mitigate DDOS attacks.
  • Plan, design and implement the necessary controls to ensure the security of all servers.
  • Maintain and manage private VPN for internal use.
  • Interface with ISP’s to resolve upstream issues and procure new servers.
  • Provide tier 2/3 support to customer support team for issues relating to infrastructure.
  • Collaborating with backend engineers and application developers to define and implement requirements relating to customer VPN.

Job requirements

  • Strong experience working in a Linux environment, minimum 5+ years (RHEL family preferred)
  • Strong experience working with Puppet (ansible a bonus)
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience with python or other scripting languages
  • Experience with shell scripting
  • Experience with Go language is a bonus
  • Strong understanding of TCP/IP, UDP, SSL/TLS and other related Internet protocols
  • Experience with monitoring tools like Zabbix, Grafana, Prometheus,
  • Proficient with Git
  • Able to work independently and manage your own projects
  • Experience working in a remote, globally-distributed, agile team environment

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