Fullstack JavaScript Developer (#ID/FS-S1)

3 июня 2019    30
  • HTML5, CSS3, ES6 3+ years
  • CSS preprocessors (Less/Sass)
  • CSS frameworks (Bootstrap/UIkit/Material)
  • FE JS frameworks (React.js/Vue.js)
  • FE State management (Redux.js/Vuex.js)
  • SSR templating frameworks (Benchpress/Pug)
  • Test frameworks (Jest/Mocha)
  • Project builders (Grunt/Webpack)
  • DBMS (MongoDB & PostgreSQL) 2+ years
  • Cloud service vendors (Google Cloud/AWS)
  • Linters (ESlint/Standard)
  • Using external APIs
  • Delivering production grade product

  • Should be able:
  • To build new product from scratch
  • To deliver DRY code, while keeping it simple
  • To be up to date with best practices, user first approach
  • To cover code with tests (unit, e2e, BDD/TDD methodology)
  • To deploy features asap/daily
  • To communicate with team members
  • To document code
  • Basic English literacy (able to read and understand documentation)
  • Karma increased for knowledge of:

  • How to create scalable applications, GraphQL, Reactive programming
  • Remote work is preferred, or work from our Lviw/Gdansk office or from coworking
  • Flexible hours (min 6 consequent hrs a day)
  • Compensation for own hardware (BYOD policy)
  • Visa support at Poland in case of relocating (after trial period)
  • Health insurance
  • New features delivery

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