Fullstack JavaScript Developer

12 февраля 2019    20

HTML5, CSS3, ES6 3+ years
CSS preprocessors (Less/Sass),
CSS frameworks (Bootstrap/UIkit/Material),
FE JS frameworks (React.js/Vue.js)
FE State management (Redux.js/Vuex.js)
SSR templating frameworks (Benchpress/Pug)
test frameworks (Jest/Mocha)
project builders (Grunt/Webpack),
DBMS (MongoDB & PostgreSQL) 2+ years,
Cloud service vendors (Google Cloud/AWS)
Linters (ESlint/Standard)
Using external APIs
Delivering production grade product

Should be able:
To build new product from scratch
To deliver DRY code, while keeping it simple
To be up to date with best practices, user first approach
To cover code with tests (unit, e2e, BDD/TDD methodology)
To deploy features asap/daily
To communicate with team members
To document code
Basic English literacy (able to read and understand documentation)

Karma increased for knowledge of:
How to create scalable applications, GraphQL, Reactive programming

Remote work is preferred, or work from our Lviw/Gdansk office or from coworking
Flexible hours (min 6 consequent hrs a day)
Compensation for own hardware (BYOD policy)
Visa support at Poland in case of relocating (after trial period)
Health insurance

New features delivery

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