Fullstack Developer — Go/React

8 апреля 2019    22

* Fluent English
* BSc/MSc degree in computer science or a related field, or equivalent experience
* Autonomy and accountability, including in a remote working setup
* Experience in a backend engineer role (3+ years)
* Experience in API design and implementation
* Experience in building and operating a web facing platform
* Experience with cloud based infrastructure services
* Experience in rolling out releases with complex data and schema migrations
* Experience in two or more of the following languages: Go, Java, C#, Python, Ruby, NodeJS
* Expertise in following libraries/frameworks: React, Redux
* Expertise with SQL databases
* Expertise with Linux/Unix and Shell scripting
* Good understanding of security challenges
* Good understanding of scalability challenges
* Understanding of functional programming principles
* Experience with Git

* React Native, Expo (Exponent)
* Elm
* PostgreSQL
* Nginx
* DevOps tools (Ansible/Chef/Puppet)

* Design, maintain and extend our Go/PGSQL backend and API
* Maintain and extend React/React Native/Elm application
* Design and develop solutions with scalability and security in mind
* Operate and evolve our infrastructure on AWS

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