Full Stack Software Engineer

14 января 2019    12

We are looking for an experienced Full Stack developer who is excited about developing front ends in Javascript with React, backends in ColdFusion, and queries in SQL Server. We are embarking on a multi-year refactor of our ColdFusion based legacy platform, in to a Javascript / React based single page app, and Go based polyglot SOA. The ideal candidate will be comfortable handling SQL Server, ColdFusion & React tasks with an eye towards transition to Go, Postgres and React among other languages.

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field
• 8+ years of solid work experience in software engineering and web application development
• Previous experience working with ColdFusion
• 2+ years working with JavaScript (React) required
• 5+ years working with SQL Server
• Experience with Go a plus
• Experience working with relational and non-relational datastores
• Hands-on experience in production SPA, SOA and SaaS environments
• Understanding of design patterns and agile development
• Commitment to following security best practices
• Able to write highly testable code

• Attention to detail and the ability to solve complex problems
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to work in a highly collaborative, creative, and challenging environment

• Competitive high salary
• Work in the technology software product company, with great goal-oriented people, without any outsourcing issues
• Good location of office at Kiev center
• Young and energy team
• Paid vacation and sick leave
• Friendly work schedule

• Maintains, writes and tests secure, scalable, clean and efficient TDD code
• Has a desire to learn new technologies and to keep up with both traditional and emerging best practices
• Possesses the ability to understand complex problems and can provide meaningful estimations
• Favors collaboration and iteration over a long requirements and deployment lifecycle
• Understands the value of automation and continuous delivery tools
• Comfortable working closely with designers and project managers and are interested in the overall product development process
• Cares about the work you produce and contributing to our mission

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