Full-stack JavaScript Developer with React or Angular

22 апреля 2019    44

1-year experience in commercial projects with one of the frameworks:React or/and Angular (version 2 and newer up to Angular 7)
• more than 3-years of commercial experience using JavaScript
• strong knowledge of JavaScript, Browser API
• knowledge of HTML, CSS and cross-browser layout, adaptive layout will be an advantage
• portfolio of projects you took part in
• good writing and speaking skills in English (Upper Intermediate and above); we conduct interviews in English.

• remote work
• the hourly rate on projects is $20-$25 (depending on the professional level of the candidate and the specific contract)
8-hour working day Monday-Friday in your time zone
• workload 40 hours a week.

Our benefits:
• you’ll be able to set your own hourly rate and won’t have to deal with the low bid contests you might see on open marketplaces
• you’ll join a community of talented professionals, many of whom share your interests, and you’ll be able to collaborate with / learn from them on a daily basis
• you won’t have to worry anymore about finding great clients, billing clients and etc. We handle all of that for you
• you’ll be able to design your own lifestyle and work from wherever you want, whenever you want (while being compensated fairly for your work).
We are looking for specialists for remote vacancies in the field of web development. We offer remote work with hourly pay on exciting projects lasting 3 months and more. We make sure our developers work on stimulating and diverse tasks in both client and server development.

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