Full Stack Engineer For Drag & Drop Website Builder Made With Vue, TypeScript, and PHP - $120k/Year

9 февраля 2021    26
$120k/year. 100% remote. Flexible schedule. 

Soflyy is looking for an experienced full stack engineer to help us build the next iteration of our successful drag & drop website builder for WordPress. 

Our Stack: 
  • Frontend: Vue + TypeScript 
  • Backend: PHP + Psalm (type safety for PHP) 

You’ll be working directly with Louis (founder, full stack engineer)  and Obed (full stack engineer) to build and ship new features. 

We use GitHub and have automated tests (Jest & Cypress) and CI. 

We hate meetings. We hate Slack. We hate interruptions.

We use async tools like Basecamp and GitHub Projects / Issues for project management and communication. 

During onboarding, we’ll do some pair programming / Zoom chats to get you up speed on the codebase. 

Once you’re up to speed, we will leave you alone to do your work. 

Occasionally (approximately once a week) we’ll do one-on-ones on Zoom for pair programming and knowledge transfer.

How To Apply

Email louis@soflyy.com.

About Soflyy

Over 100,000 businesses and organizations rely on our WordPress plugins to power their web presence.  

We are not a venture funded startup. We have been a profitable company every year for the last ten years. In those ten years, our profits increased every year. The security of your position is tied to your performance. 

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