Full Stack Engineer, DataRobot Applications

5 ноября 2018    36

—3+ years experience designing and developing web applications from scratch featuring complex architectures
—Development experience in Python, JavaScript using modern web tooling and workflows
—1+ years of experience in React
—Experience writing automated unit tests for front-end and back-end system components, functional tests, and integration tests
—Full understanding of the client-server architecture, from the browser all the way to the database
—Strong understanding of software design principles
—Experience developing large, scalable applications
—Experience using Git for complex software systems with teams
—Experience using Linux or Mac for development
—Passion for learning new tools, languages and frameworks

—Experience working in an agile environment with continuous integration using automated testing
—Experience with NoSQL databases
—Experience developing asynchronous distributed applications
—Experience or interest in data science and machine learning algorithms
—Experience with AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku.

This is an incredible opportunity to work in a company that is the embodiment of a startup culture, with horizontal organizational structure and virtually absent bureaucracy. We value initiative, creativity, and proactive mentality. This is one of the hottest tech niches, where we compete with industry juggernauts, like IBM and SAS, for domination in predictive analytics and machine learning space.

You will be exposed to cutting-edge technologies in this niche, and learn a lot about business applications of machine learning and predictive analytics, with the potential to become a subject matter expert in one of our target niches through acquired knowledge, training and direct access to our programming talent and the product itself.

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