Frontend Developer — JS & Angular

3 мая 2021    32

>> English (at least written English and conversational spoken English)
>> 5-10 years of Front End dev experience
>> Angular
>> Strong attention to detail

>> Nodejs
>> TypeScript
>> OpenAPI
>> Redux
>> oAuth2

>> You’ll get experience with data visualization, video delivery at scale, angular, typescript, and we may even build a video player from the ground up which you could be the lead developer on.
>> You will NOT be micromanaged. You will be your own boss to work how you like (aside from code architecture)
>> Complex projects that are a constant challenge — never get bored at work again!
>> You can work anytime you want, aside from a few meetings with the rest of the team, just get your work done
>> Longer term, we’re looking for people who can be team leaders
>> This is a B2B contract but we still offer 2 weeks of vacation
>> Educational budget for you to learn new topics
>> f you want, you’ll have the opportunity to learn many new things with hands on experience
>> We’re growing quickly, so you could be promoted to a tech lead position

>> External API handling
>> Video player maintenance & features development (esp. having in mind older devices)
>> Maintenance & features development for user dashboard

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