Front-End JavaScript Senior Developer (Remote, Full-time)

1 ноября 2019    66

Skills and Qualifications:

— 4+ years of web application development experience
— Strong knowledge of Javascript design patterns, best practices and technologies (OOP, MVC/MVVM, REST, SPA, AMD)
— Strong knowledge of ES5+
— Strong knowledge of Async workflows (promises, async/await)
— Strong knowledge of one of the Angular / Vue.js / React / Svelte / KendoUI frameworks
— Experience with Node.js and JS build tools (Webpack, Gulp)
— Experience building web applications that have good separation of concerns, proper layers of source abstraction, containment and reusable components.
— Strong skills in HTML/CSS + CSS preprocessors (LESS/SASS)
— Good understanding of UI/UX designs best practices.
— Excellent problem solving and debugging skills, writing unit tests
— Strong teamwork and time management skills. Understanding of Scrum and Agile

In common you have strong problem solving abilities, eager to learn and build up skills, interested in mobile technologies. You are strong team player with good communication skills.

Big plus if skilled in:
— C# or at least have basic knowledge.
— You have experience in Front-End development for ASP.NET stack i.e. you experienced in Visual Studio IDE, know concepts of .NET framework and ASP.NET development.
— TypeScript.
— jQuery

Our benefits:
— Work from anywhere in the world!
— Competitive salary
— Possible relocation to the USA (Canada) after achieving impactful results
— Compensation vacation (15 days off in a year)
— Global corporate events for all employees
— Internet compensation (50$ per month)

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