Front End Developer

15 апреля 2019    22

Looking for Front End developer to join the team of likeminded creators at

We are a fast growing product company (now team of 50) with a distributed fully remote team. We move fast and we like to take on new challenges and responsibilities, so if you feel like you’re up for working in the environment that’s quite different from typical Enterprise or IT outsourcing job.

The main requirement: you should be passionate and fanatic about programming and building new things. Programming is your work, hobby and the way to express yourself.

We are engineers that got into B2B sales world and using our programming skills to hack it. We do this by building a solution that automates sales routine tasks (not CRM) and allows to find and reach out to B2B customers faster and on a larger scale without actually annoying anyone. The long-term vision is to replace sales teams with AI and automation.

We enjoy what we build here. Our customers love us. So you will be building stuff that people actually need and use.


— 2+ years of experience.
— HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Javascript
— ES5+
— Angular 1, 2+, JQuery, TypeScript
— Component programming
— Package managers, bundlers and task-tools (NPM, Yarn, Webpack)
— AMD, web optimizations
— Integration with REST services
— GIT as a version control system
— Passionate about web technologies, aware of the latest tools and trends.

— Experience with unit and end-to-end tests
— Chrome extensions development
— Experience with .Net (Visual Studio IDE)
— Experience with code review

* Agile schedule
* Work from home, our office or co-working space
* No bureaucracy
* Direct access to CEO, listening to your ideas

* You will be working mostly on new functionality.
* There will be a lot of coding, so it will be a great opportunity to grow your skills fast.
* We strive to use latest technologies and frameworks. Open to new ideas.
* We are still small, so your contribution and opinion will highly matter.

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