Front-End Developer

18 мая 2021    44

The ideal candidate for this position should have a proven record of building complex, interactive, beautiful consumer-facing front-end applications. He or she should possess the following experience and skills:
— 3-5+ years of commercial software development experience as a front-end or full-stack developer
— Proficient in TypeScript and/or JavaScript
— Experience with HTML / CSS / Sass, Web APIs, Webpack, W3 standard
— Experience with React / Redux
— Experience with GraphQL
— Experience with git and GitHub workflow
— Ability to write high-quality code in a timely manner
— Willingness to work in a fast-paced environment. Many features we will build will start as a series of proof of concepts and shaped into MVPs and final features later. We expect a lot of experiments with different technologies that will drive our product decisions.
— Team player. Willingness to work as part of a team and follow the project management guidelines.
Good written (and ideally some verbal) communication skills in English

— BS/MS degree in Computer Science
— Understanding of principles of digital media, video, and streaming
— Experience with using HTML5 based video player SDKs
— Experience with WebRTC stack (native or via 3rd party SDK)
— Experience with d3.js and/or three.js libraries

— Competitive salary, annual performance review with compensation revision
— Ability to work remotely from home or co-working space of your choice (provided by company)
— Company-provided state-of-technology laptop or computer, screen(s), and other peripherals/equipment required for the comfortable workspace and project development
— 8 hour-long working hours, Monday-Friday
— Competitive benefits package (17x business days Paid Time Off, 5x paid sick leave, and more)
— Company-sponsored social events. Partially or fully sponsored attendance in English classes, relevant technology courses, and/or conferences.

SPA SaaS platform for virtual events development as part of a team of 5+ experienced developers (all people on the team are senior level developers)

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