For Former Managers and Directors: Candidate Interviewer

19 сентября 2021    80
Would you thrive on helping people to be just as excited when they wake up on a Monday as they are on a Saturday because they are in a job where they are incredibly happy, valued, and set up for success in their role? Would you love to do this long-term while working part-time, flexible hours from home? And do you say "Yes! That's me!" to all of the following statements?

You are a person who has:
  • Become phenomenal at hiring (proven by the long-term retention and success of the many people you have hired for your own teams and led as their manager).
  • Worn many hats / served in a wide variety of roles and as a result can easily understand the ins and outs of what it takes to successfully perform in all types of jobs.
  • Experience with clients in a vast array of industries AND a natural curiosity that allows you to very quickly learn everything you possibly can about all sorts of businesses.
  • Produced deliverables and fantastic results as an individual contributor.
  • Attention to detail and process, tech-savvy, and a passion for interacting with a big mix of people at all levels and backgrounds.
  • Interest in shifting careers to ensure (through your deep-dive video interviewing) that job candidates are only hired into positions where they will experience deep happiness and success (AND that they are not hired into positions where that will not be the case).
We are a team growth strategy firm that helps our clients make phenomenal hires with long-term retention. We transform the way organizations build and lead their teams, and partner with them to ensure their teams are happy, fulfilled, and empowered at work. Because deep discovery and strategic planning are always conducted prior to execution, all services result in extraordinary teams that are highly aligned with company goals, culture, and vision. Here's a bit more about what we do:

What would you be doing

  • Learning everything you possibly can about our clients' industries, businesses, cultures, and the very detailed ins and outs of the roles we are helping them to fill (culture, team, systems, processes, workflows, etc.) by reviewing comprehensive documentation that other Team Growth Strategists have created from their onsite discovery with the client, as well as your own self-initiated, obsessive Googling prompted by your curiosity.
  • Conducting initial phone interviews that last anywhere between 10-60 minutes (ending earlier if it is clear the candidate is not a great fit).
  • Prepping for interviews by reviewing transcripts and pros/cons lists from the initial phone screens with job candidates that made it past that first phone call.
  • Conducting very deep-dive video interviews of up to 2 hours with those candidates, providing a phenomenal candidate experience, and using your incredible talent for pulling meaningful information out of people that they normally would never reveal in an interview. NOTE: Not all Team Growth Strategists will conduct deep-dive interviews – only those that comprehensively and consistently catch the majority of red flags from phone screens and that have the greatest ability to obtain the most meaningful information from candidates will conduct the deep-dive interviews. 
  • Creating transcripts from those interviews, reasons why the candidate might be a great fit if applicable, and an extremely comprehensive list of every possible concern about the candidate specifically as it relates to that role/business/team (these comprehensive lists of concerns should be one of your greatest strengths since the risk mitigation of bad hires is our greatest value to clients).
  • Facilitating simulations (if desired – other Team Growth Strategists enjoy this and can do this if you prefer). 
Your work with us will start as a part-time, remote, contract position, limited to the scope listed above. There is strong potential for this position to eventually (after significant time/experience and success in this contract role) grow into a permanent W2 position with increased scope and variety of responsibilities. Depending on your strengths and preferences, this could potentially include any of the following: leading and helping our team to continuously increase their skills, working with clients and conducting onsite discovery, consulting and coaching with clients, creating documentation, evolving our processes, screening candidate applications, marketing, sales, operations, analyzing hiring data and making strategic recommendations based on that analysis, creative sourcing using our AI Sourcing technology and other methods, designing & administering simulations that mimic what the candidate would experience on the job, creating candidate packages, and/or writing job postings.


  • Proven experience (more than 5 years minimum) successfully leading your own team(s), as well as being an individual contributor with responsibility for actual deliverables –– preferably not people who have spent most of their careers as Recruiters or in HR. While there is certainly value in those roles, we augment the managerial side, and our clients deeply value that we have lived on their side of the fence.

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • Authorization to work in the US

  • Experience working with multiple clients and in multiple roles strongly preferred

  • Experience with hiring team members strongly preferred

Scalability Solutions is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against otherwise qualified applicants on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, citizenship status, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or handicap, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local laws.

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