Financial Controller

14 января 2020    34

🔹 4+ years in accounting/finance/business intelligence
🔹 Experience in creating/maintaining financial processes
🔹 IT and systems expertise
— Google Sheets (Must: FILTER and ARRAYFORMULAs, data import between GSheets)
— Excellent computer literacy: it’s easy for you to use different hardware and software, mostly related to finances and administration
🔹 Project Management skills, including
— Ability to execute on a great level
— Creating reusable lists of tasks and activities (documenting processes)
— Setting up realistic time frames
— Efficient collaboration and communication with different people (users, customers, colleagues, advisors)
🔹 Data-driven approach to work — decisions are based on data and facts, not emotions/assumptions
🔹 Proactiveness and ownership — you don’t wait for anyone to tell you what should be done. You own the process, and if something is unclear, you ask questions
🔹 Experience in using ERP systems
🔹 Fluent English (both written and spoken)

🔹 Understanding of contracts, addendums, operational papers
🔹 Passion for optimizing and automating repeatable job rather than being afraid of it and doing stuff manually
🔹 Bonus points for knowing tools like:
— Xero — for accounting
— Slack, any chat or tool for communication
— Airtable — as database
— Jira, Trello, Asana — for task/project management
🔹 Additionally:
— DataBlending and analytical tools — like Alteryx, Pentaho, Talend
— Writing code (any code really)
🔹 Ability to work with others in an informal environment, socially enabled, not afraid to collaborate

🚩Work remotely from any location or in one of our offices (Kyiv, Ukraine / Krakow, Poland)
⏰ We offer flexible hours
💸 Get a competitive salary, savings program, and microcredits
💻Thanks to our hardware policy, we use the best equipment and can regularly update it
🌴 34 days a year as a vacation (24 standard vacation days + 10 working days to cover public holidays)
🏃Health policy budget will cover your private sports and healthcare expenses
✈️Every year we go for a 7-day company trip with our families. We’ve already visited Austrian Alps, Crete, Italy, and Croatia together
🏢Our offices are equipped with modern ergonomic chairs and standing desks
🍒You can always find fresh food and drinks in our kitchen

🔥See all Railsware benefits here:

🔸 Collaboration with our CFO and CEO on different projects related to the financial operations of entities located in different countries.
🔸 Management of all financial processes of the company. Building automation tools with Google Sheets and Data Blending approach to support them.
🔸 Ensuring that important documentation is done properly and on time. This includes preparing cooperation agreements, NDAs, bank references, and so on. , You will also manage our contractors’ database.
🔸 Management of benefits applicable to our team members. You will make sure that all their bonuses and perks are included in their salaries, and financial transactions are done on time.
🔸 Hardware and inventory management. This includes buying equipment and making sure that it is included in proper budgets.

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