Event Manager / Conference Project Manager

4 октября 2019    38

Looking for an event manager to lead conference&expo organization in UK. Important to have experience in organizing events in Europe, dealing with venues and its suppliers (incl. construction, catering etc.), event sales/marketing/PR, managing and adjustment of budgets, working with speakers/sponsors/exhibitors, managing of the team

Having experience in the iGaming industry (organizing igaming conferences or having own network in the industry).

Competitive salary, no bureaucracy, high bonuses! (% from sales), flexible schedule, no 9-18 at office required, remote is possible

— Initiation and planning: creating the project infrastructure, developing the event concept and commercial services, planning and adjusting budgets, launching of the key processes of the project.
— Management and Control: developing the marketing strategies, launching of social networks, initiating the construction works and booking of stands, preparation of the necessary documentation, brand management, content plan, analysis of competition and website optimization, arranging of event program.
— Preparation and working on the project: launching of sales of the exhibition services and tickets, media planning, promo materials (working with copywriters and designers), their promotion and control of team operations (working with content managers, SMM, SEO, PR, email marketers).
— Checklist: ordering of items necessary for the event, preparation of design templates, development and control of each event zone.
— Conducting the event: supervising of checklists for each member of the team and their work at the event.

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