Drupal Developer

12 сентября 2020    64

This is a full time 6 month contract to hire position.

Are you a developer who...

  • While we value your back-end development skills, your ability to thrive in our environment is equally as important. That said, we’re looking for a candidate with the following characteristics:
  • Someone who enjoys collaborating, growing and pushing the boundaries of development; this person knows that there is always a better way to develop
  • A highly motivated self-starter, eager to adopt new technologies and apply creative thinking to technology-related challenges
  • A well-organized team-player who thrives when juggling multiple projects and aggressive deadlines
  • An excellent communicator with a sense of humor
  • A digital detective with the ability to catch problems before they occur

Your experience and expertise...

  • We don't care as much about years of experience as we do your talent and passion. But here is the type background you should have:
  • Experience with PHP OOP (Object-oriented Programming).
  • Worked on Drupal 8 projects, Decoupled architecture, REST APIs
  • Proficient in Drupal site development including custom module development, contributed and core modules.
  • Proficient in the maintenance and administration of Drupal modules and sites.
  • Involvement in and contribution to the Drupal community, ideally in the education and higher education Drupal communities.
  • Excel working with MySQL databases and relational databases.
  • Proficient at writing reusable and modular code.
  • Accustomed to developing in Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (LAMP) or Linux/Nginx/MySQL/PHP (LEMP) environments.
  • Embrace change and can easily adapt to new situations.
  • Are able to follow directions, but independently move forward on a project when required.
  • Are able to conceptualize code development prior to implementation.
  • Like to improve coding syntax to enhance overall performance.
  • Follow and improve internal coding standards.
  • Are curious, and eager to learn about new web technologies and approaches.
  • Have already forgotten about IE8 (despite clients continuously mentioning it).

Nice to have, but not required:

  • React, Angular or Vue.js experience; and experience with CI
  • Prefer GIT over SVN
  • Prefer command-line over GUI
  • Use and create RESTful API’s
  • Are familiar with Hypertext Application Language (HAL)
  • Like front-end development as much as back-end development
  • Have knowledge of Ember.js or other Javascript MVC frameworks
  • Have used any of the following package/dependency managers: Composer, Bower, npm, Bundler
  • Have intermediate to advanced Javascript skills
  • Are familiar with SASS/SCSS tools such as Compass, Breakpoint, and Singularity
  • Have experience working with automated testing tools, such as Jenkins
  • Successful candidates will be:
  • Team players willing to work hard to ensure the success of the team, the project and GeekHive
  • Detail-oriented with strong competency in task/time and scope management.
  • Curious – problem solving will not be a chore, but a welcome exercise to strong candidates.
  • Good communicators with the ability to conceptualize and articulate ideas clearly and concisely.

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