Director of Brand and Communications

21 августа 2019    38
The Director of Brand and Communications will be responsible for branding, content, community, and external communications for Chili Piper. Through creative branding and content initiatives, you will:

  • Position Chili Piper as the undisputed leader in the up-and-coming movement of Buyer Enablement

  • Develop Chili Piper’s brand strategy to deeply resonate among our target market and collaborate with key stakeholders to drive customer acquisition initiatives through brand storytelling

  • Work with our design team to effectively articulate Chili Piper’s brand identity and position through color, art style, iconography, and design across digital and print media

  • Ensure consistent brand style and messaging across all online and offline external communication channels

  • Create a content strategy involving team members across the company to attract new customers, empower existing customers, position our team as experts in their field, and position the company as a leader in the marketing and sales space

What You'll Do

  • Drive Chili Piper’s Brand

  • Refine and develop our brand identity and ensure it’s positioned consistently across all marketing and customer communication channels
  • Be a major advocate for the brand and inspire the rest of the team to be advocates through content production and social channels (LinkedIn)

  • Work with the demand gen team on media and creative elements in lead gen campaigns

Develop a Community

  • Build and grow a community for customers and advocates of buyer enablement in online groups (Slack groups, LinkedIn Group, etc)


  • Continually develop Chili Piper’s brand and thought leadership through a comprehensive content strategy spanning blog posts, webinars, videos etc.

  • Help inspire team members across all departments to publish thought leadership content on the blog regularly and help promote and distribute it

  • Regularly find speaking and interview opportunities (podcasts & webinars) for yourself and other members of the team

  • Regularly post on company social media profiles and interact with people who engage with our content

Create Buzz with PR

  • Create and foster relationships with customer advocates, journalists, bloggers, and influencers in the B2B marketing and sales space

  • Manage and execute press releases for major company milestones and for general brand awareness among our industry and the VC community


  • Set up Chili Piper hosted events for key customers and prospects

  • Strategize a future Chili Piper hosted conference around buyer enablement

What We're Looking For

  • 6+ years experience in brand marketing and communication leadership, ideally in B2B SaaS

  • Demonstrated success in building, positioning, and cultivating a strong brand

  • Demonstrated effective and persuasive oral and written communication experience

  • BA/BS Degree in marketing, communications, journalism or a related field

  • Experience working with cross functional teams to support a joint outcome

  • Motivated, driven, scrappy, and enjoys a fast paced startup environment

  • Strong proficiency and experience using Salesforce 1-2+ Years Minimum

  • Strong proficiency and experience using Marketing Automation software 1-2+ Years Minimum (Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, etc.....)

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