Digital Transformation Business Analyst

3 февраля 2020    30

You must:
— Pay attention to details.
— Be Ready to Work Independently and Learn New Things.
— Desire to Accomplish results.
— Be Willing to Communicate with People Effectively.
— Be Willing to Take Personal Responsibility for Your Actions and Quality of Your Work.

Specific Skills Needed:
— Excellent Logical Reasoning.
— Well Developed Numerical Reasoning and Math.
— Ability to Organize Well and Efficiently.
— Good Conversational and Written English.
— Clear and Effective Communication Skills.

Experience with Business Process Improvement or Business Analysis.
Experience with BPMN and other process notations.
Experience with working with clients directly.
General Business Experience in various industries.

— Complete freedom with how you run your operation and structure your day. There is no set schedule — but do expect the work to be challenging and tough — and you will be held accountable for your results.

— Opportunity to work with unusual businesses and learn how successful entrepreneurs in the US, Canada, and the UK have built their companies.

— Strict focus on results-generating activities. You will only find yourself doing work that benefits the client and makes real difference to their business and no pretentious demos or “order-taker” style requirements collection.

— Seeing results from your work. You will take part in projects that fundamentally transform organizations and you will be in it from the start to the beginning.

— Fast paced and self-responsible environment — we are mature adults and don’t have a “kindergarten”-like environment in our operation.

— Rewards for results and accomplishments in the team. There will be a competitive base salary along with financial bonuses for completing projects successfully.

— Direct and transparent candidate selection process (see below).

Your ultimate responsibility will be to deeply study the client’s business and ensure that the software automation solution designed by our team will be of effective use in accomplishing the project objectives.

In accomplishing this:

— You will conduct an extensive analysis of the client’s business. This will involve investigating, standardizing and (re)structuring the processes of the business with its resources, constraints and other circumstances. You will work directly with our Client and our Client Relations Team in the US to make this happen most effectively.

— You will document all the details of your analysis and communicate them to our Creative and Technical Teams for them to design and develop an effective automation solution to help the client’s business.

— You will work with our UX Experts, Engineers and other Creative and Tech Professionals to ensure that the software solution built is relevant to the client’s business processes and its effective implementation occurs. In a way, you will act as an internal representative of our client’s business.

— You will take any other actions deemed useful by you in accomplishing the result.

Your duty will be completed when our solution is effectively implemented in the client’s operational process and brings results on the intended outcomes.

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