Digital Analytics Engineer

20 марта 2020    42

-Advanced knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, and/or Adobe Analytics
-Ability to configure complex tag management solutions on Google Tag Manager, GTM 360, Tealium, and/or ---Adobe DTM.
-Ability to write and debug custom JavaScript code
-Strong understanding of event propagation and the document object model (DOM)
-Strong understanding of the data layer and ability to design analytics solutions based on data layer
-Ability to write custom SQL queries to extract and transform data

-Experience implementing A/B tests or content experiments
-Experience with automated functional testing and/or the use of Selenium
-Experience implementing tracking codes from marketing automation platforms such as Marketo
-Experience implementing analytics for remarketing / Google Ads conversion tracking
-Experience implementing tracking for customer data platforms and/or ETL platforms such as Segment or Ensighten
-Experience implementing analytics for real-time personalization with platforms such as Adobe Target, Acquia Lift, Optimizely, or Evergage
-Experience implementing analytics for native mobile apps using Firebase or alternative
-Experience implementing analytics using the Measurement Protocol and/or tracking for offline offline applications
-An analytics certification such as Google Analytics IQ, DAA Web Analyst Certification, or similar

-Oversee the implementation and deployment of complex measurement and tracking solutions
-Produce analytics implementation plans and technical documentation for all types of digital properties — from single-page applications to large multi-site platforms
-Establish specifications for custom tags, triggers, variables, events, etc.
-Work with our Solutions Consulting team to align measurement implementation to overall solution architecture
-Work with our technical leads to establish data layer specifications for integration with digital platforms
-Write test plans for tags and tracking and support our QA team in the testing process
-Diagnose and troubleshoot tagging issues, documenting the details associated, testing the potential solution and ultimately deploying a complete resolution
-Understand general aspects of Google Analytics implementation (e.g. dimensions, metrics, variable mapping, plug-ins, server call types, cookies, link tracking, gtag)
-Ensure the integrity and accuracy of the digital analytics system by continually monitoring tags, both manually and with automated tools.
-Complete user acceptance tests (QA and reporting confirmation) of new & modified implementation plans

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