DevOps(IT Operations Team)

10 января 2020    50

We are actively looking for the best engineers who have the following experience and skills:
Experience in developing fault tolerant and self-healing systems
Ability to see whole picture and work on the most important parts of it — define priorities based on system metrics
Docker, Kubernetes infrastructure understanding (deploy techniques and strategies)
Experience with Infrastructure as a Code and/or Configuration Management tools (Ansible, Terraform)
Experience scaling high-traffic distributed systems
Understanding how AWS or other (GCP/Azure) cloud works
Experience with Unix (Linux) and a wide spectrum of internet standards and technologies
Good communication skills and documentation oriented mindset

Good leadership and ownership skills will be a big bonus
Experience of developing customer facing applications
Knowledge of Traditional and Distributed Database Technologies
Experience with remote work and good self-discipline
Go/Python programming languages on good level

Go and Python as main Programming Languages for the majority of our backend
Terraform to manage AWS and treat Infrastructure as Code
Helm as Package Manager for Kubernetes allows us to have decent contract between Product Engineering and SRE team
Kubernetes is enhanced with Monitoring(Prometheus), vertical and horizontal pod auto-scaler, network security policies
Storage Layer is implemented on classic solution with PostgreSQL
Kafka is taking its place in Event/Message bus
Redis as a cache
Elasticsearch as a log storage
Ansible for automate of routine tasks

To be an important part of the development of a cool mobile application
Team with professionals. Our guys are the best at their work
Career and professional growth. It means that we invest time and money in your career(IT conferences, courses, training, software — all that you need for good work)
You can be sure that in our company a warm welcome awaits you. Our HR Team and your Team Leader can help you to be a part of Coins
Remote work. You may work from home or the beach. No matter. The main thing is the result
Flexible vacations

Develop and maintain services to meet reliability and scalability demands
Engineer extensive scripting and automation to enable applications to install and run in all environments with minimal manual intervention
Identify performance bottlenecks and troubleshoot performance issues
Work with System Architect to design and implement ideas
Design and implement cloud infrastructure: monitoring, alerting, deep-tracing, logging
Build solid automation system for QA/Stress-test/Staging environments
Refactor and optimise non-complaint to internal standards parts of our eco-system
Develop in Go horizontal (used across the company) services (SMS/Email gateways, internal tools, deployment mechanisms)

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