DevOps Junior or Middle level

13 июля 2019    44

(listed for Middle, for Junior several skills listed below are required)

— All basic Sysadmin skills (Networking, Linux/UNIX/xBSD systems)
— Accuracy in actions and courage to perform them
— Ability to learn
— Good communication skills and positive attitude
— DevOps stack: Ansible, git, , shell scripting
— Web technologies stack (basic installation and maintenance skills): Apache, NGINX, SQL databases (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL), NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDb, Redis)
— English ~intermediate level (is not strictly required, but might block your abilities to grow if level is not adequate)

— Amazon AWS related skills (90% of projects). Also, some projects deployed on: Linode, DigitalOcean, OVH
— Python or golang development skills
— Kubernetes installation and maintenance skills, related packages: helm, etcd
— helm package manager
— terraform
— Openstack experience
— Ansible automation experience
— Experience with CI/CD systems

— Interesting DevOps projects of various scale
— You will learn a lot of new advanced technology tricks with us

— Develop IT automation using Ansible, Terraform, Helm, Kubernetes
— Maintain parts of existing infrastructure on Linux, FreeBSD, Openshift, Kubernetes, Openstack
— Technical support of current and legacy projects

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