DevOps Engineer Lead

25 июня 2020    40

— Knowledge and experience with Agile and Lean methodologies, understanding pros, cons, fits
— “Get things done” and “Problem solving” attitude
— Good communication practices (Quick responses, Don’t let questions be unanswered, Open communications, Follow ups, Set expectations, Avoid conflicts etc)
— Technical and business initiatives (considering Lean practices)
— Ability to speak on Business and Technical levels (Multilingual), dynamically adjusting reasoning. Ability to convince people.
— Remote-related skills: good Self-management, ability to have/find proper working space, remote empathy.
— Experience with leading/engaging with partially involved people and freelancers
— Experience with Stackholders communications
— English upper intermediate
— Strong Linux experience (Ubuntu/Centos)
— Networking (Linux/OSX): understanding network protocols and VPN servers
— Experience with virtualization (ideally Proxmox)
— Experience with automation and orchestration tools (CI/CD, docker-compose, kubernetes, ansible)
— Bash[/Python|Go] scripting
— Experience with AWS services (at least EC2, RDS, ECS, EB, CloudWatch, Route53)
— Strong tendency to structure and document solutions and processes

Tech, not required but knowledge would be a plus:
— ITIL, Six Sigma, SAFe
— experience with Heroku, Pantheon, WPEngine
— experience with each or any of those: Python, PHP, Node.js, Golang, React/Angualar/Vue.js

• Competitive salary tied to skills and experience
• Flexible schedule and ability to work remotely
• Sponsored events, training and English classes
• Insane amount of autonomy + opportunity to pursue mastery and purpose
• Some of the fastest growth opportunity you can find

— Supporting and improving people and tech infrastructure
— Raising projects, setting up environments and pipelines
— Mainly working with gitlab / redmine / google suite, but not limited to these tools
— Cloud services: IaaS: AWS / GCP || PaaS: hero / pantheon / wpengin and similar
— Work with business requirements, estimate
— Selling solutions to customers and companies
— Technological advancement of DevOps, Proactive practices development and inculcation in projects
— Iterative implementation of internally initiated solutions
— Controlling and Supporting people in company and department

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