DevOps Engineer (Google Cloud Platform / Docker / GKE Expert) 🚀

9 июля 2021    52

Why Join Vidalytics...🚀

If you’re an expert in Google Cloud Platform DevOps (DevOps / Kubernetes / Istio / Helm / Docker) who wants to keep learning and honing your skills in a startup while having the flexibility to work when and where you want, and using your experience to improve the infrastructure of a successful video marketing platform, then this is the opportunity for you. 

Who We Are...😎

We’re - a MarTech SaaS - and we're looking for a talented and experienced DevOps Engineer to help us with ongoing DevOps. Since we're small, we really want someone who can grow into a leadership role with us as we continue to scale. You'll work closely with our CTO, who ensures we build a solid, bug-free, scalable product that users love.

We're doing millions of video plays a month that all have marketing analytics on them, which creates a lot of requests and high loads in our infrastructure. The person in this role will be key to optimize this load and our platform full-time on an ongoing basis. 

Who You Are...🦁

If you’ve only touched GCP 1 out of 100 projects and can only suggest using vanilla VMs and don’t know how to achieve top performance with GCP-centric tools AND cost savings at the same time, then this is not for you. We need a real GCP expert to really help us out. 

What you can expect from us: 💪🏼

  • A fun and challenging opportunity to work on a really cool product in an interesting niche. 
  • Collaboration with a team of smart people across Eastern Europe and the US who have fun while getting s*** done. 
  • A flexible remote work environment where you can choose when to work (aside from a few team meetings).
  • Having your contributions valued (i.e. not being treated like a cog in a machine). 

What we’ll expect from you: 🔥

  • Deep knowledge and expertise, specifically in Google Cloud Platform (NOT AWS), Kubernetes / Docker on GCP’s GKE including Istio, Helm, and Spinnaker. 
  • GCP/GKE certification is a big plus.
  • Someone who takes initiative/ownership and that we can trust and rely on to do what you say you will do.
  • Communicating with us about potential issues, blockers, changes made, etc. 
  • A desire to constantly be challenged, learn and grow.
  • Passion for the end-user experience.
  • Conversational English skills (verbal and written).

What you’ll be doing: 😃

  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance.
  • Using your expert knowledge and experience for DNS management, DB management, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance.
  • Helping migrate from a monolith architecture to Kubernetes / Docker on GCP’s GKE.
  • Creating and managing k8s, Istio and Helm manifests, CI/CD pipelines, kubernetes clusters.
  • Managing nodejs/PHP/Golang applications.
  • Identifying issues and solving them as they arise.
  • Searching for best fit in terms of business value & costs infrastructural solutions, installing & managing them.

To Apply 💻

If this sounds like the role for you, we’d LOVE to hear from you. Please get in touch. 

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