DevOps Engineer (full- or part-time)

11 марта 2020    66

Binary Studio is a software development company which helps small and medium technical businesses from all over the world build world-class software projects. Having a profound impact on our client’s projects, we help them build solutions which serve millions of users, are used by many Fortune 500 companies, and have a profound impact on communities.

The projects we work on involve:
• Technical challenges — these are usually complex solutions like CRMs, marketplaces, advanced web and desktop platforms, where we aim at implementing the best practices (i.e. you won’t get stuck rewriting the same three lines of code for months on end)
• Direct communication with the customers who are often technically savvy (CTOs) — this helps us solve all the questions efficiently
• Authority in making technical decisions to guarantee the project’s overall quality — our clients rely on our expertise, know-how, and ability to implement best practices

The team we have at Binary Studio:
• Are top-notch engineers, who believe that programming is an art and spend a lot of time looking for new approaches and better solutions. We believe that real professionals are the ones who constantly look for new ways to solve problems and create complex products, rather than just “code as they’re told”
• Monitors the quality of development and takes pride in the work they do. We look for people who have an eye for the future and build products that actually enables users to accomplish their goals
• Is long-term oriented — many of our engineers have been with us for years — clearly we’re doing something right if they’ve stuck with us all this time :)

What you’ll be working on:
You’ll be working on a very extensive management software solution for massage therapists and bodywork professionals, with over 800,000 users. This is the biggest platform of its kind in North America, and is Quite A Big Deal™ among the professional massage community. This platform has everything — online scheduling, intake forms, email campaigns, salon management — it’s basically the Swiss army knife of commercial massage therapy platforms.

The customer is from the USA. We’ve been working with him for several years now, and have made this project essentially from scratch. We have 4 full-stack PHP developers working together directly with the customer within a custom-tailored Agile environment.

Core project technologies are:
• PHP 7.x, Symphony 3, CodeIgniter, MySQL 5.6
• AWS (AWS EC2, S3, ELB, Elasticache, CloudWatch, RDS), Docker, Jenkins
• JavaScript, Backbone / Marionette, Vue, Grunt

Your primary responsibilities:
• Own the cloud setup on AWS (reliability, uptime, cost)
• Configuration and management of software baselines
• Collaborate with team members to resolve technical issues
• Setup deployment, backup, and restore strategies for MySQL, Redis and other data sources
• Work with devs to improve our continuous integration /delivery process
• Maintain and improve our configuration management and deployments

There also are few things more points which are super important for this project:
• Availability during the majority of US business hours when the load is highest and issues are most likely to crop up
• Readiness to receive and respond to “emergencies” after hours

Talents you bring to the team:
• Minimum 3+ years of Linux/Unix Systems Administration
• Knowledge of one or more scripting languages (Python, Ruby, Unix shell scripting)
• Must have production experience with AWS (EC2, S3, ELB, CloudWatch, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, Elasticache)
• Experience in setting up CI servers (Jenkins)
• Experience in building platforms for continuous integration/continuous deployment
• Strong emphasis on security and monitoring
• Security Experience: secure communication protocols such as SSL / TLS, PKCS
• Strong Intermediate English level is a must

It would also be sweet if you had:
• Experience in building and maintaining high performance distributed systems in the cloud
• Knowledge of Docker

Sound good so far? Cool! Now let us show you what we’re offering from our end:

Pay, perks & such — the good stuff:
Binary Studio offers lots of well-known and must-have perks, such as a charming office with a beautiful view on the High Castle, challenging tasks and good career opportunities, support in receiving certificates/attending conferences, free of charge English classes, etc.

However, that’s not all! Our key focus is sharpening the technological skills of our engineers, and we do that through a variety of different ways:
• In 2017-2018 we organized over 40 (!) events, both internal fun stuff for our team like parties, quests, get-togethers, yearly corporate Eurotrips, or educational academies, courses, lectures, leadership schools and external events like conferences and meetups for the local IT community. The life is pretty vibrant in Binary Studio and we plan to continue along the same lines!
• There are numerous possibilities for becoming a speaker of our technical events: SUBMIT, Binary Nights, and internal Academy PRO courses
• We have the most competitive software development school in Ukraine — Binary Studio Academy. In 2018, we had 3500 applicants, and only 100 were admitted. It’s pretty unique, too: it’s online, free and intensive as hell! You will have a chance to enroll as a coach or a lecturer and develop further leadership and project management skills
• We aspire to create personal development plans — OKRs — for everyone in the company. This approach has also been used by several major companies including Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Uber, etc.
• We have an in-house library of best-selling IT books which is regularly supplemented according to our team’s preferences

So if you are looking to become a part of a vibrant and friendly company with challenging projects and constant opportunities for growth, we’ll probably get along. Apply now, we’ll be happy to meet you!

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