DevOps engineer

22 июня 2020    48

Gitlab CI (configure deployment for various projects), gitlabrunner (configuration) ;
Experience in microservices deployment and configuration ;
Docker docker-compose kubernetes ;
Ansible ;
Linux: network configuration, troubleshooting and administration, bash scripting, systemd, initv, procv, apache2/nginx ;
Mongo, mongo-express configuration ; dozzle, traefik, portainer, filebrowser.

Any experience with embedded devices: SBC (Raspbian), SoC (STM32*) ;
Experience with IoT related communication protocols: Wifi 2, 5, BTLE, Thread, LoWPAN, Zigbee, etc .
Experience with OpenWRT configuration.

-Friendly team-
-Innovative projects-
-Convenient environment-
-Development & career-
-Flexible hours-
-Competitive salary-
-Performance reviews-
-Legal support-
-Corporate events-
-Comfortable facilities-

Build and deployment of code provided by developers;
Configuration of Infrastructure for specifics needs of developed software ;
Preparing environments for frequent changes;
Configuration issues troubleshooting and fixing;
CI/CD Processes Automation;
Introduction of new CI/CD practices;
Documenting CI/CD processes .

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