DevOps Engineer

9 октября 2019    36

1.You have good communication skills and like to talk to other engineers,
2.You have an interest in problem solving and finding the best solution,
3.You understand that we are a part of for-profit business operation, and time is crucial,
4.You are not comfortable when something does not work as it was planned to,
5.You have a passion for building efficient robust systems and take pride in it,
6.You are ambitious and want to take part in something big.

Our Challenges
The company is expanding from Asia to worldwide operation — and our job is to support this change:
1.Shifting from a single-region installation to a truly global system,
2.Independent multi-region operation (Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, CIS, ...),
3.Use of read-replica databases,
4.CDN full page caching,
5.Splitting a single master database into many, and asynchronously synchronising data between them,
6.Evolving a monolithic system into a microservice-dominated system,
7.Take stability and robustness of the system to the big-boys level.

Our Stack: Ubuntu, PHP, MariaDB, AWS, Datadog

1.Remote work
2.Challenging workload.
3.Good salary according to the experience.
4.Friendly team.

1.Comfortable owning the infrastructure and pragmatically solving problems dealing with complex systems.
2.Working with developers to support the latest features that we have in development, like Power-Ups, data pipeline improvements, and scalable microservices.
3.Contributing your insights across the team to help us improve or re-architect existing systems for scale and extensibility.
4.Contributing to new and existing compliance initiatives.

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