DevOps Engineer

13 февраля 2019    36

* B.S. degree in Computer Science or related discipline.
* 2+ years of experience in managing Kubernetes cluster in production.
* 2+ years of experience with AWS.
* 2+ years of experience with Jenkins and demonstrated ability of implementing CICD.
* Experience with ELK or similar stack for logging (collection, storage, and analysis).
* Experience with cluster monitoring for ensuring uptime and high availability.
* Experience with data analytics infrastructure. (Experience with setting up and working with ETL pipeline is a big plus).
* Basic knowledge of Javascript ecosystem (tooling, libraries, etc.).

* Knowledge of deploying microservices (specially JS microservices) is a big plus.
* Ability to develop custom tools (for others to interact with infra in a simple way) is a plus.

* Core responsibility: take full ownership and manage infrastructure. Make sure all services are up and running efficiently. Be available and responsive to tackle emergencies.
* Design and deploy new services as needed.
* Work with development team to optimize development workflow.
* Work with data team and assist in pulling together data from different sources.
* Be self sufficient and take responsibility of seeing projects through to successful conclusions.
* Communicate/present work to stakeholders when necessary

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