Developer: Full Stack PHP/Larvel | Frontend Vue.js [Intermediate — Senior]

3 июня 2019    44

Requirements/Special knowledge:
+ Python
+ Scrapy and Scrpay D
+ MySQL, Postgres,
+ Framework — Larvel
+ Various API integrations
+ Javascript
+ Vue.js
+ Bootstrap

Personal qualities:
+ Responsible
+ Thorough
+ Possess strong organizational and communication skills and work proficiently both individually and in team
+ English (Required)

[Full-TIme] Full-stack Larvel developer, Vue.js frontend (this is flexible but some frontend technology).

Company: Lean Rank — 200 remote and in office employees working on SEO based performance marketing and various SaaS products — we build real tools and don’t service clients.

Working System & Hours:
* Working remotely 160 hours per month (40 hours per week)
* Screen is tracked via Hubstaff
* Must be available to solve Major issues if any
* A stable and timely salary. Salary will be discussed during the further conversation with the candidates.
* Half Salary for the first month as a trial period.
* Paid Vacation after 6 months of cooperation.
Please, specify your salary expectation while sending the resume.

For the higher salary range we expect the ability to lead team, mentor junior devs and manage projects.
The first month is Paid Trial to see if we are good fit for each other.

Interview process:
* recruiter will discuss all logistics to make sure it’s a good fit (salary, screen tracking). Recruiter will gather all your public profiles. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, online portfolios.
* technical review of your credentials (tech lead will review your qualifications and previous experience)
* skype interview with technical lead
* trial task — about 1 day of work
* job offer

* Helps us build various Software As A Service applications.

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