Developer Advocate

2 февраля 2021    42
As a developer advocate, you will represent DNSimple publicly. If you are not already, you will become an expert in DNS and domain names. You will work to grow DNSimple's presence in developer communities through writing, speaking, and engineering projects that align with DNSimple's overall objectives. You will work directly with marketing to identify opportunities and implement projects that help foster growth amongst engineers and technical organizations worldwide. You will help developers succeed with the DNSimple platform.


  • Find, join, and engage in user groups, technical news and review sites, discussion groups (example Stack Overflow), etc.
  • Engage in social media platforms with groups, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to expand DNSimple's presence.
  • Identify and submit proposals for speaking engagements at conferences.
  • Identify and engage in podcast interviews.
  • Develop and maintain tutorials on how to use DNSimple and our services.
  • Content creation for new customers, including blog posts, support documents, and in-app content.
  • Work with engineering and UX to improve customer onboarding flows.
  • Work with existing customers to identify improvements and communicate requirements with engineering.
  • Work with marketing to identify and implement engineering-as-marketing projects to attract new customers.
  • Create accessible, engaging content out of highly technical topics to bring developers to the DNSimple platform.

  • Basic knowledge of DNS and domain names.
  • Excellent written and oral communication.
  • Excellent digital organization skills.
  • Previous public speaking experience is preferred.
  • Previous experience as a developer advocate.
  • Fluent in reading and writing at least one programming language (e.g. Ruby, Go, Python, etc).
  • Open minded software development practitioner who is willing to explore new technologies and programming languages.
  • Previous experience with integrating APIs, infrastructure tools, and services.

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